Are Halo 5 Arena Seasons Too Short? Halo 5 Ranking System Designed for ONLY a Month?

How's, it going everybody? It's kevin here once again, giving you and then a gameplay commentary, and in this video. What i want to talk about are the season lengths for a halo, five. Well, the season is too long.

Are they too short? You know where you guys the pains on this. You know please leave a comment down below in the comment section. You know this reason I make these companies. I want to see what you guys have to say about this kind of topic.

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If you need to the channel you'll hit that subscribe button, because I'm, always uploading halo on this channel. You know at least two or three times a week but yeah. So I was recently playing with a subscriber of mine and he was talking about how he feels that the seasons in halo 5 are just a bit too short and honestly, I feel me from my personal opinion.

I kind of would agree with them, but you know can want your guys's. Opinion is, you know, do you feel like a month-long season is long enough to where you know? Okay, I'm done with you know the season.

I want to try and you know, fresh store or do you like kinda, like the grinding aspect. Maybe you know working while you're working your way up to get a higher level. I know it's kind of how was like with like, especially with halo 3's, ranking system, even MCC, halo, tues, ranking system.

Where you had your rank, you can grind your way up to get to a higher level. So when you get the new flashy, I look at it by way. Look at the situation. I blew up this guy with the turret and then later on, you see a guy tries to come sneaking up behind me.

I just pulled like the dirtiest freakin move on Americans watch it. So you can stinking about me. I'm like nah dawg that felt so good, but yeah backers get back on topic here down. So a lot of times when I'm playing halo in the rank, Lisa an arena and I get my rank.

I feel like I'm kind of just stuck there, and you know I may be able to go up like a greater too, because normally i'm playing this game. 99 % of times solo, and so I can't rely on you having good teammates.

They can't, get me into a higher rank. Where I can feel like. I actually get to you know a chance, for I can learn from Bay playing its better players, but so most of time I'm, can get stuck around like low to mid platinum ranks, and I really for playing solo.

I find it really hard to get a chance to actually rank up and make you know, grandma wait for it all that no scope, oh, that was so juicy um. So I mean, though, maybe the month-long up seasons we can't benefit a player like me, because I get to that platinum rank it.

I'm like okay. Well, I'm kind of stuck here now. One question I have to bring up, though, is that the 343 kind of designed the month-long season system to be designed so that, like hey, I got my i play my 10 matches in this playlist and I got my rank.

Well, let's, jump into another play. Let's, play the 10 matches in there and see what my rank isn't that, and you know they're. Coming from that standpoint, thing yeah! You got plenty of game time with a month ago ranked in every playlist, but I feel like majority players like to stick to their game load game.

Oh [, __, ]. Sorry so you brethren that you're like a competitive player, probably sick in team arena. If you're, just a guy who likes oakhill players, you probably sick and was just SWAT, maybe a little free for all hair and they're more.

Maybe your guy, who just likes playing SWAT a lot like, I feel, like least from my experience, most players, have their kind neish of how they like to play their shooters mihaylo, especially I won't. I mean I'm sure there are plenty of players out there who do jump around from place to place, and you know try get a rank in every playlist, which is certainly a fun thing to do.

That's. Why I do as well when I'm playing, you know I don't like to stick, and just you know free-for-all like this, gameplay is or just Slayer or just you know, whatever really so I like to jump around quite a Bit so maybe that's, why you only have like a month-long season because maybe 343 he's, designing these seasons to be so that you can get a rank in every playlist without having to be like yeah.

You know having halo, take over your life because yeah i'm only like a just below like a rank 60 in this game. So you know i have a decent amount of time in the game, budding out me being a 29 year old and I have a job.

I got a girlfriend. I got stuff to, do you know yeah. I know I can't spend my whole day gaming with free couple of love to be able to do that. But you know then again, I would you know be like the guy in South Park.

Episode is like laying back on the couch. Just being like you know just needing this budget, you know how pockets and doritos i'm, just getting hyped up on Mountain Dew or something you know, but yeah, so that's.

The main read thing I wanted to bring out me personally, I'm kind of on the fence. I mean I personally. Actually, I would like she'd like to see this eases be a little bit longer two months, maybe even three months long just so, I get a chance to really grind my way up to get those higher-level ranks rather than just can you know, Get my rank and feeling like well, I'm stuck there.

I can't really go anywhere because me being the player. I am. I like a jumper have different playlists, so I can't just you know. Stick in team, slayer or somebody else and just can't grind my way up.

I could jump around a bunch and play the full experience when I halo has to offer by check out his name right here. Oh totally bad, like I get, let him get the hit marker on me. He so you knew I was there.

He rushed me and I was able to get the kill cuz. I knew he would come running after me. After getting a hitmarker that's, why I hate hitmarkers in halo 5, but it's, a different topic right there. I won the free from gonna slay.

It goes my first free-for-all game. I think i posted in halo 5 anyway guys leave a comment down below what you guys think about the seasons system in halo 5. Do you think a month is long enough? Do you think it may be too short, or do you think, like the theory of what i was talking about, saying that with three four threes planning for players get the rank in multiple playlists, and so that's? Why they do it in a month anyways guys! Thank you so much for watching.

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