Beast Mode Haaland! FC Schalke 04 - Borussia Dortmund | 0-4 | All Goals | Matchday 22 – Bundesliga

There's, nowhere to go yeah that's, a good example because they've won it back now. Disaster for schalke, as sancho finds the target that's exactly the moment when harry have to drop deep. There's, no space to come out of the pressure and then, of course, when the ball takes a deflection or a block, sancho holland, harlan's.

Valley is beautiful. Beyond compare world-class goal again, exciting to watch on average, four and a half shots per goal room on the edge of the box. Again, this is a dangerous, build up knife sharp finish company.

I think there's, a a change bellingham that's full and it's. Harlan's. Shipka is not there anyway, so overall and the pace of bellingham's. Cross, i think, is the key of the past.