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Welcome back to mississippi veterans, memorial stadium here in jackson, mississippi dion sanders getting ready for his first ball game. As the head coach of the jackson state university tigers and there's, a familiar face, troy, troy aikman, i mean obviously a former teammate of dion and that's, pretty cool for him to come and show support uh of his former Teammate - and you know, saw him earlier talking to uh shanier sanders who ineligible to play, but you know it's good, to see eggman be able to come out of social support first and goal for jackson state here's.

The give and it's, going to be a touchdown jackson, state university and on the carry for jackson, state is number 10 warren newman. The redshirt senior from new orleans nice little pop pass there from the quarterback and newman just does a nice job of being able to break a tackle.

He's, able to cut inside, and there's, a couple guys that get maybe one or two hands on him. But he's, able to just cut inside right away and be able to score little pressure shown by edward waters and a little swing pass out to the opposite side.

Jackson, state's, got some room all the way inside the 10-yard line to about the five and a great play in pick-up by dalen, baldwin, paxton branning on for a 23-yard field goal attempt the hold is down, the kick is up and it is Good, so jackson state now takes a 10 to nothing lead over edward waters.

Here in the first quarter, sevier will kick and newman is back for jackson state this one hangs high in the air wow and what a hit [ Music, ] christopher hampton the freshman laying the lumber and jackson state will have first down.

But what a hit jones now in the shotgun once again, he gives it to clark. Clark gets across the five-yard line, touchdown jackson state just too easy. I mean that's. Just this is nice job great job up front, but i mean that's, just just too easy.

I mean you're. Talking about you're about four to five yards down the field before any. Any defender touches you and it looks like edward waters had some movement as far as defensive line was concerned.

Second, down and 20 now swing pass. It's, going to be out to greg williams. He gets across to 45 midfield 45 yard line of edward waters and he's near a first down, so he nearly got it all back nice play call nice play design being able just to get those offensive.

Linemen out out front williams. Sets him up being able to allow that offensive lineman to be able to pick up that extra defender there in front of him newman in motion here is jones once again and he'll take off with the football gets across to 10.

. He gets to the five puts his head down and gets into the end zone. Touchdown jackson state great play by jalen jones and you know look you know this is one of the things that coach sanders talked about.

Is you got to make sure that you have good play and the quarterback stepping up to the call and he's, been doing it today on there? You know he just just being an athlete. I thought he could have got the initial throw to the outside.

Here is the return by edward waters and on the return, a big return here and a fumble on the play that was javen davis on the return and jackson state on special teams gets the ball back man in motion and that's.

Newman here is jones, with the pass touchdown jackson state, dalen baldwin with the catch, and it is now 30 to nothing nice throw by jones just a back shoulder throw to baldwin there and the the defender he was there.

He just didn't locate. The football and that ball was just perfectly thrown past, just a back shoulder, throw great patience there by jones and just getting it right where nobody else could look like movement once again here's, clark on the carry five touchdown jackson state that right Side of the line had a hole as wide as the grand canyon and he was not touched.

Wasn't touching and, and you're, you're, exactly right. Errol waters coaches are livid because they felt like there was movement again on that play and they don't get the flag, but i mean when you look at now: there's, a penalty that's, that's on coach, i mean that's, that's, that's going to be on on the sideline i mean, but their their coaching staff is livid.

Second down and six for jackson state here's. The gift fumble on the play and it's recovered by the quarterback quincy casey gets it across the 30-yard line to about the 31, maybe the 32. He might have enough for a first down.

So what could have been a disaster on that fumble by alexander, turned into some positive yardage and a first down? Well, you can talk about the on that tackle they. He put his helmet right on the football, and the ball is just bounced right for jackson state.

I mean you talk about the three turnovers uh that they should have had. They've, been able to recover all of them. Andrew brown, the linebacker from jacksonville on the hit and casey looking deep trying to find an opening caught and that's going to be inside the five-yard line.

To about the one i should say it's, going to be uh intercepted! No, it's a catch, but it's. Coming back it's, holding he caught it at the one he it should have been uh. It should have been offensive, pass interference, but it's.

Coming back because of a holding holding call, i mean, but it's right there. It was actually a heck of a catch by the uh receiver and the quarterback just put it up there perfectly, but yeah it's. Coming back because of the holding call, but i mean outstanding effort by the receiver and the quarterback just makes a you know: casey just makes a play: casey is able to move in the pocket and he puts that ball perfectly, and you know the receiver got away With a little nudge there on the defender, but it's.

Coming back because of the holding here's, a give to williams williams. Does he get across should be enough for it? Touchdown jackson, state greg williams score and it's now. 43-Nothing jackson on top of edward waters could not recover, and now jackson's.

Offense right back on the field, and here's. Quincy going down the field, touchdown jackson state what a catch there by christian allen, the wide receiver from mendenhall mississippi and that's. The first touchdown of the season for quincy casey nice job with selling the play action.

It's. Just a deep cross, you can technically probably run two, they have timeouts and they're, not trying to use them, but casey back to pass looking, and it is complete once again out to christian allen, [ Applause ] and that'll.

Do it 53 to nothing? The final score and coach prime gets his first win and his first gatorade bath as the head coach of jackson state university. Any thoughts on this one i mean this was of course we knew that this could be a blowout and jackson state just really played well on offense edward waters.

We know they're a growing program and they & # 39. Ll continue to grow, but this is just. This was about uh, head coach dion sanders trying to get that first win. Well, dion sanders did did enough as far as his group you know, and they're.

They were a talented football team and, and you can see the excitement that he has brought to the city and to this football team and as they continue to grow, they'll step up in competition. As far as you know, obviously, the opponent - but this is a great first step for the jackson state tigers, and you know trying to rebrand that program exactly who they want to be and things that they want to do well.

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