Halo 5 Custom Games Montage! Halo 5 Funny Moments Funtage!

How's, it going everybody! It's Kevin here once again, give you another halo. Video in this video is a little different. This is just like custom lobby funtage I'm. Put together got together with some people online played some custom games and just had a really good time.

If you guys ever want to play with me, you'll click on the links down below there's, a link to the Spartans own hit Spartan company that one part of if you ever want to play with me, just join that Or you can find me on Twitter, just tweet at me.

I'll, be online. That probably have or you just message me on xbox. Add me as a friend it's all good, and so this is just a fun little fun to put together for you guys if you enjoyed these videos and want to see more videos like these, you know please make sure to tap that, like Button really assume that you want to see more content like this leave a comment down below what you guys thought about the video.

If you're new to the channel type of subscribe button, because I'm, always uploading. Awesome hail of content and we Amy's, guys hope you enjoy the video peace out triple kill, oh no, real way, [ __ ], but that was like I saw that happen Campbell.

You should fill chain that stuff is sort / fail, shut up. Sure yeah McCarty you every single my brand Natalie Purdie, I'll whole area was grateful. It was blood Guardian, icy surfaces like that okies you're, invisible, but not invisible herbs.

You're, some visible layer, invisible yeah. Should i because you're visible, but I could see you yeah doesn't that make sense. Will you wait I what to say with Munson she can it's, hammer time, [, __ ]! Now you don't, have an extra teammate that you all lose son of a [, __ ].

I bet you that's, always washing the lousy that was the best last. She move ever nice and cool out magic moves magic. Ah matter, surprise: [, __, ] fact I did not like yeah surprise [ __ ] can't go no.

My no skills are on no no Kevin out of here. Oh [, __ ] heavy stuff. Oh no haha no deny denial.