Halo 5 Daily Win REQ Packs FAST! Halo 5 BEST Way to Get REQ Points! How to Get REQ Points Fast!

How's, it going everybody? It's Kevin here once again, giving you an hour, gameplay commentary and in this video. What I want to talk about are the fastest ways to earn your daily win packs. We all know we get a win pack for winning in warzone and in arena, but which game modes do it the fastest way in this video.

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So let's get right into the video here. You know, warzone might be a little obvious here, but I'm sure there is some kind of discussion about which game-mode really is the fastest way to go about earning your daily win packs.

Well, I recently went back to my game history and I took the last 10 games. I played of each game mode and then I averaged out the times I'm, not carrying the social play out social slayer players because it's.

Just a feature playlist, I'm only considering the permanent playlists that we have right now, so we should start with warzone cuz. This one should be pretty obvious. If you, you know playing war zone at all.

You probably know that you know regular warzone takes a long time to play your matches. I actually here's, the the stats that broke down for you guys. I show you the last ten games I played of this playlist and the average time between those games so with for regular warzone.

It takes 18 on average for last 10 games. I played it was 18 minutes and 19 seconds to play a single match, which I feel like it's rather accurate for your average play time per match. Then we see warzone assault here.

The times vary quite a bit because if you & # 39, re able to you know, go through all the bases really quickly or able to defend on the first base. It really cuts down on your time, and you can see right here that the average play time for Wars.

No assault is 9 minutes and 28 seconds, though yes, it does vary quite a bit depending how the match plays out. So obviously, right there war zone assault is the best way to play your matches. To get your win, get your daily win packs.

You can essentially play to war zone assault matches for every regular warzone match, so that's really good. At keep in mind now let's. Move over here to arena. There are a lot more different playlists to play.

Some of them are pretty fast, some of them a bit longer. So I'll break this down for you guys. So you can see make up your own decision what game modes you want to play in arena to earn your daily win pack, the most effective way possible.

So let's start off here, so I always thought that it was. You know. Team SWAT was probably the fastest way by far I thought personally, and so you can see here that SWAT its average game time for a SWAT match is 5 minutes and 14 seconds.

Slayers average play time for a match is 8 minutes and 17 seconds. Roof role is an average of 10 minutes and 19 seconds. Big team battle is an average of 13 minutes and 6 seconds. Obviously that depends on what game mode you're playing.

Sometimes CTF matches can go up to 20 minutes. Grifball here is actually a rather fast one. I did have one a few outliers, though, where they lasted over 10 minutes. So keep that in mind. They could have been players dropping out, but hey yo, that's.

What happens when you play Halo? So you had average there of 6 minutes and 11 seconds breakout here had an average of 5 minutes and 48 seconds in team arena actually had an average of 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

So we can see that's. Why is clearly the lowest average game time, so that is there. So if you, you know, go off play your wars. No salt matches get your win. They're. The most likely way to get this many matches in as possible for the few amounts.

Few amount of time per match would be SWAT would be the one you'd want to play, though breakout is a good alternative, and so is Griff fall as well, so anyways guys that's kind of a quick little breakdown.

So me personally, I like to just jump into my Wars. No, so I'll, get my win jump over the SWAT getaway and then call it a day really exudes a it takes. You know at least four or five six matches to get at least win for me because I'm, always playing solo, so guys if you enjoyed this informational video, if you learn something today, you know please make sure to tap that like button.

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It really helps out for all you, you'll, be keeping up update with all the awesome halo content that 343 and I will be producing so anyways guys. Thank you so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it not catch you all in the next video peace out.