Halo 5 Infection Gameplay Reaction! Halo 5 Memories of Reach May Update! Halo 5 Zombies!

How's, it going everybody! It's Kevin here once again, giving you an their gameplay commentary where this time we're, doing a little reviewfirst impressions kind of thing on infection has finally come to halo 5.

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Do you think it works really well within the space of halo fob, or do you think the old clacks, its classic way, better or and also, if you're new to the channel and like my voice? Apparently, you can always have to subscribe button because I'm, always uploading, awesome, halo content, so anyways guys, halo, 5 memories of reach, update brought infection, and I finally got a chance to sink my teeth into.

I played for about an hour to you. Actually get a chance to play this game up and actually, I think, halo 5s infection is really freaking fun. May I wish that there were more, have different variations within the infection playlist, because right now it's, just kind of like the alpha zombie brains, kind of a playlist there's, so many different variations you can do with with infection.

I personally wish there was fat kid. I think patco be super fun in this game, but that's, a halo three classic right there, but from when I played it was a lot of fun. It's, fun playing outs of zombies.

You can move fast, they did disable the sprint in the building which is nice is that you're faster by the only solo health, but just enough to where you can kind of push bunge a few shots, but it's. Still very low health, so I think that 343 is done.

A great job, capturing the essence of what infection is with this plus. I have to say that the math design for this playlist phenomenal ops on some maps there. Every map I played there wasn't when I'm like man, this map sucks, i hate playing this one.

There were all great fun forge maps. My personal favorite was actually crypt. I thought that map look freaking awesome for a forge map, like I felt like I was playing like in, like I can definitely i was like feel like i was inspired by destiny when they go down to the moon, the fight against the hive, that's, where i got this feeling from and playing on that map, it looks freaking freaking fantastic.

I hope you can tell by the gameplay here. I also really actually enjoyed the implementation of power weapons on the map. I just can't. Add some more variation to your gameplay. So then it can't keeps players moving, and I just I think it's great fun.

This plus, like I, get to run around like sniper rifle and just pick guys off with one shot, that's, pretty freakin fun. What else I thought, like also like some people been complain about the scoring saying that you know it.

Doesn't, really yeah. It's. All about, like, I think, all about getting kills random survival, which I & # 39. Ve always felt like a survival has been the key point of playing zombies but or injection whatever you want to call it, but I think when you're playing like in a place like this is what does it prevents camping so much? It keeps a game pay fast and moving.

So then, I'm, actually kind of Ford. You know guy, who gets the most kills in a match. Again, I get the more points, especially game when you're, the last man standing. Your point to it whoa wait like way higher, which I think it kind of adds to the point of survival and getting kills as well.

Though I've heard, like some people say like you know that that's, a little unbalanced, but I haven't, really experienced a whole lot plus when it comes infection. I don't really care for winning. I scared they have the fun experience of playing infection and I think that 343 definitely captured that with infection game mode, so that's pretty much all.

I really have to say that you know get your chance to sink your teeth into some infection. Cuz it's a whole heck of a lot of fun. I'm, certainly enjoying it plus you get a lot of rec points for I'd like a match usually lasts about, like 10 12 men - something like that.

But then you get like 1400 rec points, pretty damn good, pretty damn good. So get your chance to jump in some affection have some fun and you know that's. All I really got ta say I did. I really enjoyed it ice on the mountain.

The maps are fantastic. I like the power weapons. The pole, alpha zombie thing is pretty cool. I just would like to see some more variation on the game modes. When it comes to infection, I'm. Sure hope I see that coming down.

The line is that they want to implement just the baseline infection, so you can get like what you're, basing infection off of, and then you can kind of go crazy from that. So anyways guys. If you enjoyed this video, please make sure to tap that like button.

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Awesome halo content anyways guys! Thank you so much for watching. I'll catch you on the next video peace out.