Halo 5 Matchmaking is UNFAIR and Needs to Change! Halo 5 Multiplayer Issues! How to Make Halo Great!

How's, it going everybody! It's Kevin here once again, giving you another gameplay commentary, and in this video I want to talk about an issue that's, been going on with Halo 5 since since launch, and it's really really been.

Bothering me I mean I know I've made a video about this before, but I want to talk about it against it.'s been so long. I haven't, seen any changes really to this whole system here, but it is full parties being matched up against randoms if you guys hate it when that happens, but as much as I do it's.

Half that, like button close video, get some more notoriety that's. The community know that we do not want to be matched up with rant with a full party when we're playing by ourselves or even vice-versa as well.

I don't want being a full party and just stomping on randoms. It's, really unfair and just really Rose the whole game and experience so leave a comment down below guys. If you've been experiencing this as well, where you have you know playing by yourself, you just one jump on have a good time, but then you could teen them against a party, and you just get completely stomped on.

If you guys want to hear my voice more often tap that subscribe button cuz, I'm, always uploading, awesome, Halo content, so this game playing here I'm gonna, be showing you guys it's. Just me playing warzone assault by myself, and this is just an example of experience.

I have that come across quite often, and I just don't feel like this should happen at all. Is that you know I'm just jumping in playing to myself and I'm, getting teen up against a full party. Not only do I get teen up against a full party once not twice but three times in a row, the same party, even when I backed out and tried changing my search preferences because I think the first two games, I did look up search under expanded so That may have something to do with it a little bit there, but then I'm under balanced balanced and I still got matched up against the same guys for the third match.

I'm, just like what the heck man, but first of all, this [ __ ], this shouldn't even happen in the first place. In my opinion, even destiny, you know Bungie hello. They implemented this system back. I think, even in Halo 3 or so that when you're playing, you're, getting the game, you get the best experience possible that's, not happening very often, especially for me, since I am like my gaming schedule.

So random a lot of times liesl also it's like a Sunday I get to play often, but I mean that because I only have like an hour to where I get to play and I got ta hop out. Look good! Look at the you see that right there, the people who are in this match were just backing out because, like man, this sucks, I don't want to play against the full party.

I'm. Just gonna back out see that kind up happens all the time when you're being a teen up against a party match, you know, Matt was think we should call what match exclusion of leaflets called. Does he look at this? This is just raw gameplay and we're already on the third base.

They captured that second base within no time because they're. A full pot, organized team playing against budget part part team of randoms. It's, just completely unfair. You know, halo since launch has been you know, town itself, on the call where you know super defense.

Super balanced super everything like most fair game possible. But then this kind of stuff happens like look at these scores right here I'll. Show you some stats really good. They won the game in under in just over three minutes an average game time for [ __ ] own assault is nine minutes.

They won in three minutes right there flat that's kind of ridiculous, and I'll show you the some of the kill death ratio is here and you can see. I'm on top of my team. Everybody else. Not so much probably went crazy negative, so I'm gonna show you guys the next game as well.

We played against and they got teen up against the same guys again and since they're in a full party, they just completely stomped us and ran right through us, and you can see the stats right here that loves day yeah.

Here they won the war zone, fire assault match attacking in five minutes, which is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. How fast are able to beat us, but that's, because there are organized team. You can see some the stats here.

They went crazy, positive kick. They're, both pretty high, but then you go over to my team, a lot of negative scores, not exactly the best, but they hate again full party against a team of randoms. The full party is gonna win 99.

999999 nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein percent of the time.

So, for the second third time around other okay, shame on me for not changing my search settings. I change it to balance, but then I got matched up against the same guys again and they were on defense on this dispatch.

You can see that they defended the base within six minutes 28 seconds. So during the gameplay we didn't even get like a second of base time that you know try to capture it. They held it the entire time quite easily.

You can see their stats here, they went pretty ham yeah pretty much. Everyone went positive, which is very true when you're playing as a full party and everybody except the top guy in my team, went negative and I was just screwing around, because I knew that there was no chance that's.

The win this magic me see that someone left the match on the bottom right there, because well, we're playing as a full party and it's, just not fun, to play against that, and when you have no chance of winning.

Why do you even play the match exactly so? Hopefully, this will show you guys just some examples of what 343 really needs to do with the matchmaking in Halo 5 to make sure that the game is fair and fun for everybody.

It's, just not fun being on team of random against a full party. They had the equal skill level in like CS or rank or just like ranking for that season or whatever. But if you're playing it's, a party against a team of randoms that games in or your team's.

Deck is, will quote, quote stat and you have no chance of winning. So if you guys want to see match exclusions happen to wear, full parties cannot be teamed up against randoms. You know, please leave a like down below let's.

Just redo. Get some more notoriety share it around. So more people can see how crappy it is painting up against a full party. I'll, leave a comment down below. If you guys experienced this as well, which I'm sure you have, and if you're new to child tap the subscribe button, because most uploading awesome, halo content, my name is guys.

I'll catch you on the next video peace out;