Halo Wars 2 - What We Know

Iii has come and gone, and now that it has it's time to talk about everything we know about halo wars, which is more than you might think, especially if you don't, follow the news and fan discoveries as I try To do so, let's, see what Microsoft revealed this week and speculate on what it could mean for the game's story and the future of halo.

Halo wars takes place 28 years after the events of halo wars, which puts it in the year 25, 59 after almost 30 years in cryo, the crew of the spirit of fire find themselves over the arc installation 0-0, which fans of course, remember from Halo 3 how They got there is unknown, but soon after landing, they encounter a faction known as the banished.

The banished are a group of former covenant that rebelled even before the Great Schism and are led by the brew chieftain a tree ox since the fall of the covenant. The banished have managed to amass a lot of power and technology, making them a force to be reckoned with from gameplay the banister made up of Jarrell Han.

I sang he Lee Megillah Colo on boy and quite interestingly, her agog though there could potentially be more also of note. Halo wars will be the first game to feature both versions of the ongoing. The main grunt units used the Bungie era, grunt design, while suicide grunts used the 343 era design.

The dural Hana units include basic infantry jump back brutes and a new hero unit, known as brute warlords, the banished vehicles, familiar and old, are for lack of a better word brutish. So far we've, seen a brute spirit.

A brute wraith brute ghosts. A new model of chopper, a brute locust, the new blister back anti-air units, a support unit known as a shroud, the Marauders and Reavers. On the UNSC side, we have a number of returning units, including base Marines and ODS T's, and new units, like the snipers vehicles, are a similar mix of new and old, with the UNSC wielding vultures Hornets cyclopses Wolverines warthogs scorpions Grizzlies, the Jackrabbits Scouting units, the nightingales support beetle and the Kodiak Grizzlies looks pretty much the same, but now have a missile barrage based on gameplay from the first level of the game.

It seems this ability is something the spirits crew likely with the help are under the supervision of Anders added to the tanks. I think it's time. We kept it up at Grizzly's, boy don't you, the nightingale, maybe the a v49 VTOL mentioned in last week's cannon fodder, but that remains to be seen.

The kodiak is an 8 wheeled Sage vehicle which can lock itself down, like the Cobra of note, is the redesign to the Cyclops, which now features digitigrade legs rather than plantigrade leg in Halo. Wars: 1, along with other modifications, whether this is a retcon or an upgrade of some kind, remains to be seen.

While we're on it with all the newer changed units in the new look in the basis, one cannot help but speculate as to the nature of these changes. Are they retcons or are they the result of events that will transpire during the game? As I mentioned in my last video on Halo Wars 2, we know that the UNSC at least had a presence on the ark if they are still present, when the spirit of fire shows up which could potentially serve as a way for the spirits upgrade.

Some of her technologies maybe even receive repairs, as one commenter pointed out in at least one scene in the cgi trailer. The spirit doesn't appear to be sporting. The damage he received after hitting that covenant destroyer in halo wars.

1. So might it have hit up a UNSC station of some kind? We'll, see getting back to the story. So far we've confirmed that both Captain James cutter and Professor Alan Anders are returning like cutter.

Anders has received a bit of a makeover which has been about as well received as cutters. As I noted. The spirit appears over the arc through means unknown, but there's no way in hell just drifted there in 30 years, the farthest they could make it as 30 light-years and there's no way they were going anywhere near the speed Of light at the end of Halo Wars, so what happened? I've had a few discussions on this and there were two ideas that stood out.

The first is that the spiritual could close enough to a planet or installation with a portal and by luck or some other means were portal to the ark. The other interesting idea I saw proposed was that the ark moved itself.

The thing is already capable of opening slipspace portals to distribute the halo rings. So why not the ability to move itself if the halo rings can move themselves through slipspace? Why not the arc now? Yes, that is a massive object and would, in the words of a mysterious forerunner, require an impossible act of reconciliation, but it could be possible, of course, that would make the question: why was it moved and who moved it? One possibility is the created wanting to move it closer to the galaxy or for some other reason another possibility could be the native human forces stationed there moved it, perhaps as a result of the events of Halo 5, the game is set in 2559, at least a Few months after halo 5 ended, so perhaps what remains of the UNSC got in contact with the forces on the ark and had them moved the installation to keep it out of created hands.

We'll have to wait and see, perhaps just as mysterious as the spirit of fiers arrival at the Ark is the banished presence. What could they be doing at the Ark? The first idea that pops into mind is that maybe they want to capture some forerunner tech and or some covenant, tech that remains from the human covenant war.

Maybe they want the ark itself or some secret that it contains? How awesome would it be if they were there to recover mendicant bias, tons of possibilities, but no facts as of yet? Finally, while we are talking about the Ark, a very interesting discovery was made during an IGN interview in this footage.

If you look carefully, you can see what looks to be a halo ring in the arks foundry. This was again seen in the background of several Xbox daily interviews. Here we can clearly see the Ark the foundry world and a halo ring.

So we have to ask which ring? Is this two possibilities come to mind? The first is an installation 0 for C the other would be installation 0, 3 gamma halo. The last we saw of gamma halo 8 v 9 static. Ralien said he was going to take it somewhere to be repaired, as we currently don't know of any other installations designed to repair halo rings, though I wouldn't.

Be surprised if some exist, the Ark is the most logical location to assume it ended up and hell. If gamma Hale ended up there so with static willian, and maybe if the idea that the Ark was moved is true, he was the one to move it once again tons of possibilities, no facts.

Moving on, let's, discuss the banished and a tree ox, as I noted earlier, and in my breakdown video. The banished are a group that rebelled against the Covenant prior to the Great Schism and are made up of brutes elites.

Hunters grunts and engineers 343 have stated that the banish'd were referenced in Prior halo media and in my previous video I made a connection to this scene from Ayla wars. One, the wall with humans, a great deal, many more machines than we can currently muster, Arne take what we have and leave us defenseless.

While I still believe that it is likely that the line will be reckoned to refer to the banished. Another theory has arisen that I think may be a more direct early reference to the banished in the kilo five trilogy.

We learn of venecia a former ueg colony that declared its independence during the Covenant war in 2543 in the years to follow. It would act as a haven for deserters from both the UNSC and covenant and would become a sanctuary for all sorts of illegal activity after the war.

So could this be? The reference to the banished 343 was referring to. It seems likely enough. I doubt Halo. Wars. 2 was planned that far in advance, but I think it's likely enough. That 343 might have had an idea that would evolve into the banished and planted subtle seeds early on anyway, following the fall of the covenant, the banished would scavenge a lot of covenant technology for their own useful, giving it a brute twist, as we'Ve seen the banished are, of course, led by a tree ox a new character specifically created for Halo Wars.

His armor is at least partially made up of scavenged armor pieces, but the most notable feature is his right arm revealed in a concept sheet. The arm piece is a power gauntlet that mechanically enhances his strength.

He wields a weapon that many fans have come to dump the plasma mace created from parts of the gravity hammer. Needless to say, I can't, wait to learn more about this mysterious brute and see him in action.

The final subject to discuss today, isn't, really a what we know subject, but it's, definitely relevant to the topic of Halo Wars. That is the last few pages of Halo escalation issue 6, showing the spirit of fire drifting near an unknown planet with a flood infection form on board.

The question is: when does this take place in relation to halo wars? The answer that likely comes to mind for most is that it takes place after halo wars, but a quote from Brian Reed made me think otherwise and there she is the spirit of fire.

The win of this shot is not present day, but I won't, be saying any more than that here. It is revealed, however, in an upcoming anthology project, that's, also where the story of this flood critter is resolved.

I've, read the script. It's exciting. So if we have a story coming out later this year, it seems kind of weird that it would take place after halo wars, as that could potentially spoil the events of decade, at least to some degree.

Conversely, given what's happening in the comic, it seems odd that it would take place anytime, except after halo wars. My own theory is that the scene is set prior to halo wars and may play a part in explaining how the spirit gets to the arc.

But, as I keep saying plenty to speculate about, but no facts yet, and so that's. Currently, everything we know about halo wars plus a lot of extra speculation. I hope you all enjoyed watching this. I'm off to play some halo wars beta so until next time this has been halo cannon.

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