Milan 0-3 Inter | Inter Go Four Points Clear with HUGE Derby Win! | Serie A TIM

And good afternoon to you, wherever you are around the world from san siro in milan, where we're, looking forward to a fixture that may well define the rest of this glorious serial season, a minutes, silence and reflection.

Now lukaku trying to get in behind roman yoli and roman yoli treading water lukaku tried to find lautaro martinez. Didn't trust his right foot, but he trusts la taro. Now [ Applause ] inter strike first and once again it's.

Lukaku and lautarot, that combination is absolutely deadly. You cannot give lukaku any sort of space on that halfway line because he & # 39. S got the speed just to run away from you as romagnoli found out, but also the link up play between the two strikers.

From intel has been superb all season forward by cassie that's, support clearance and it's, seized upon by tayo, hernandez and mielen within a whisker now perish it's again, inter looking threatening here and perishables to drive It hard and low and lautaro stabs it over the bar kaia with such an important interception as well.

Can they make that bit of fortune pay in from challenge touched across by ibrahimovic super save and danovich, and he's hurt himself in the process? How's that not gone in what an incredible save great header, as well back in from salamancas ibrahimovic, again denied by handanovich twice in a minute incredible.

It's, a personal duel between those two ibrahimovic, two wonderful efforts and danovich somehow keeps both out real hope here for milan raybitch again for ibrahimovic this time he teased it up for chalenolu, brozovich, didn't know where he was tonali And danovich with another outstanding, save look at hakimi, go away from tonali support here from erickson danger signs for milan ericsson for perisic, brilliant.

That is the team goal to end all team goals, a second for la taro martinez, a thriller from inter and they lead two-nil in the derby, a superb counter attacking goal that's. What the inter side is all about: brilliant all-round play, great understanding, donnarumma no chance forward by barela.

This is lukaku onto the left. Foot donnarumma keeps milan in the game. Perish counter attacks on again here lukaku with hakimi to his right. He's. Only interested in going on his own lukaku sends into four points clear at the top.

This is the day they take control of the title race and it's. The day they tore milan apart, inter make a massive statement in the race for the scudetto milan nil, inter three [ Applause ], you